July 31, 2021. - November 7, 2021.

Bible 21

Contemporary art collector

The Bible 21 contemporary art collection and exhibition is the result of a unique venture. Levente Kovács and Tímea Kovács-Szabó have created a thematic private collection, the objective of which is the interpretation of the units of the Gospel t…

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October 3, 2021. - January 30, 2022.

Parisian Abstracts.

Abstraction-Création. Kandinszkij, Hélion, Calder, Moholy-Nagy…

By 1930, Paris had become the European hub of various nonfigurative trends, including abstract art, and the center of international avant-garde. Active in most of these, Abstraction-Création was established in 1931. It quickly became a meeting po…

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