03 Oct 18:00

IEAS Film Club: Miss Sloane

Elizabeth Sloane is a cutthroat lobbyist in Washington. She is a smart, persistent and powerful person, who always does her best to succeed.

23 Sep 16:00

11th Birthday of the MODEM

On the occasion of the 11th birthday of the MODEM, a special and imposing contemporary movement and choreography event (or we can call it festival) will be held on 23rd September. At night, the event closes with a surprise.

19 Aug 16:00


KulturPiknik with electrinical music and VJ in garden.

17 Aug 17:00

Exhibition opening

Painter Gabriella Nagy born in Debrecen is interested in the intellectual, mythical, and visual relations hidden in nature and she transforms the internal landscapes that evoke private stories into sensory sights and concentrated imagery.

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