08 Nov 15:00

PRIVATE guiding tour in english

Free guiding tour in english through Helmut Newton's PRIVATE exhibition on the opening day of the Lépéshatár project 

08 Nov 13:00

Border Crossing exhibition

For the Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

24 Oct 18:00

ModeMode #12

For the first time of the fall season ModeMode presents: The Lost Treasures of the Owl Tower

07 Sep 18:00

VIII. Noise Garden

On seventh day of the ninth month comes, comes, comes up the VIII Noise Garden, which states and rebuts everything in width and length

19 Jul 17:00

Пестрый Contemporary Russian Design – opening day

Are the Russian way of thinking and mentality recognisable in the contemporary visuality?

22 Jun 16:00

The Night of Museums – 2019

09 Apr 18:00

IEAS Film Club: Empty Horses

Screening and discussion with Lichter Péter, the director of Empty Horses.

26 Mar 18:00

IEAS Film Club: What Happened to Monday

Screening and discussion with Visnyei Petra.

23 Mar 16:30

Invisible Story – cinematic concert with Szemző Tibor

Szemző Tibor's (composer and media artist) visual concert on the opening day of Rewritable Stories exhibition

23 Mar 15:00

Rewritable Stories – opening day

Two unusual parallel exhibitions, which are different in ideas but similar in symbology and interpretation of the (recent) past, opens on 23rd March in the MODEM.

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