November 14, 2020. - April 11, 2021.


Exhibition of Balázs Kicsiny

Balázs Kicsiny’s constant play between tragedy and comedy saved him from the monotonous unquestionability and one-dimensionality of linear (life) paths. Taking a step back from reality, he finds tranquillity in his self-created, burlesque situati…

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July 18, 2020. - October 4, 2020.

Machine Imaginaire

Vera Molnár’s algorithms

This Hungarian fine artist living in Paris for more than 70 years is the pioneer of computer art who is also capable of creating human-centred works that reflect the personality and imagination of the creator using an impersonal machine (a comput…

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May 1, 2020. - June 30, 2020.

Along the Line

Exhibition from the Collection of the MODEM Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre

The exhibition is the first appearance of the MODEM Collection. The exhibition – which comes into being by the curatorial selection from a deliberate and continuously evolving collection of the past 14 years including purchases of artworks and ma…

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December 14, 2019. - March 15, 2020.


Contemporary Hungarian Photography vs Classics in the Context of Traditional Genres

Mészáros László, Szépség/Beauty, 2014
What do classical art genres mean to contemporary photographers nowadays? How far were the well-known earlier pictures present during the creative processes? How visible are the centuries-old artistic and a c…

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November 23, 2019. - February 2, 2020.


Exhibition of the International Artist Residency of Debrecen

In 2019 we posed the question: what kind of material is the material of art? Conceptual? Emotional? Corporeal? Dense? Complex? Tangible? How do artists perceive the material of their work? Is it a starting point or a necessary vehicle?
A quarter …

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October 26, 2019. - January 26, 2020.

Private Property

Photos of Helmut Newton

Private Property – 45 b/w silver prints, produced in 1984 and all signed verso by Helmut Newton. The images date from between 1972 and 1983 and present all genres Newton work through this period, fashion photography, portraiture and nudes.

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