Paper Clip II.

Paper Clip II.

This selected exhibition from the Antal-Lusztig Collection has the same concept as the previous one. Each contemporary artist was requested again to select a work of art or let us to compare their works with other parts of the collection.

The principles of the relationship between the resulting pairs are the similar way of thinking and motivic similarity, the direct inspiration, paraphrase and reflection, or curatorial comparisons.

The linking arrangement by paper clips encourages the spectators to enjoy the art in a playful way and search for uniformity and differences between the co-ordinate works. The study of these co-ordinate works can be regarded as a kind of time travel, since ages and periods and their artists get close together.

People are not able to step out of their own age, because they represent directly or symbolically the thinking and ideology of the age they are born into, therefore, their artistic expressiveness and approaches are derived from it. Spectators get the chance to compare these characteristics and, moreover, experience the constant factors.

Direct reflections focus on a special characteristic of each work and exaggerate it while other attributes become neglected.

Paper clips symbolize the linking arrangement which is the main goal of the exhibition – that is to say, it attempts to bring the spectator closer to the works of art and convey their message via visual tools, literature, music and dance.

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