Csontváry: Evidenchibit

Csontváry: Evidenchibit

One of the most well-known, but at the same time most mysterious figuresin Hungarian art history is Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar. His art can be interpreted on different layers, and as his autobiography is taciturn,his secret is kept by his paintings.

His refined use of material, surprising compositional solutions, artistic copies and paraphrases, in addition a series of his self-portraitsopen a new door towards knowing Csontváry. The exhibition provides new information on Csontváry’s life and paintings on the hundredth anniversary of the artist’s death. The exhibition, based on modern technological examinations, as yet unknown Csontváry works and historical documents, commemorates the painter by making the latest research public.The curators of the exhibition venture, by applying the compositional idea of Csontváry, to show us in the form of so-called “evidenchibits” the materials that can be seen by and that can be known about the artist. The personal stories of the paintings and historical documents reveal who Csontváry considered role models, whom he wanted to overcome, where he took his inspirations from, on what influences he organized his travels and who was his muse. We put on display his only altarpiece yet known, his self-portrait hidden for decades, furthermore, besides his artistic copies, one of his paintings with cedar that can be considered self-confession. We are also preparing a special painting analysis laboratory for the public, with the help of which the research methods can be interpreted and tried out.Visitors will be able to examine counterfeit paintings and become familiar with restoration processes.

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