May 25, 2019. - August 4, 2019.

Sonic Weapons

Young curators exhibition

The exhibition is the result of the grant published for young, career-starter curators. The three career-starter sound artists– Ádám Krasz, Ádám Jeneses and Dániel Kophelyi – are ex- and current students of the MOME and the Hungarian University o…

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August 3, 2019. - November 17, 2019.


One of the highlights of 2019 at the MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art.

PANEL examines mainly the housing estates of Debrecen and the surrounding region built with “panel” technology using interdisciplinary methods, the means of science, architecture and art and by actively addressing the inhabitants of Debrecen. Our…

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August 17, 2019. - November 3, 2019.


The exhibition approaches the topic from historical, social and personal stories, and consists of three parts: in the first part, artists who have already dealt with the topic of family in their work create new pieces. Considering that the topic …

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October 19, 2019. - February 9, 2020.

Csontváry: Evidenchibit

One of the most well-known, but at the same time most mysterious figuresin Hungarian art history is Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar. His art can be interpreted on different layers, and as his autobiography is taciturn,his secret is kept by his paintings.

His refined use of material, surprising compositional solutions, artistic copies and paraphrases, in addition a series of his self-portraitsopen a new door towards knowing Csontváry. The exhibition provides new information on Csontváry’s life and …

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