February 16, 2019. - May 5, 2019.

Megy, Megáll, Marad / Go, Stop, Stay

To walk through the world in a standing and motionless way on a road with no starting and ending points, and there is no return or any place that could be reached.

The thought of it – apart from its existence – is such a hard fact that precludes all the speculations, yet it remains mysterious. This pursued point is the scene of the invisible wanderings, where it is worth staying and you have to stop.
With t…

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March 23, 2019. - July 7, 2019.

Rewritable Stories

The exhibitions of ROTERS & SZOLNOKI: Wunderblock and Zsolt Keserue: National Textbook

The central question of the methodically constructed project of ROTERS & SZOLNOKI entitled Wunderblock is, what does the creation of personal and collective identity in theoften turbulent social-historical circumstances of the 20th century me…

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