June 19, 2018. - October 7, 2018.


From Monet to Van Gogh, from Matisse to Warhol

Works of art by Monet, Degas, Cézanne, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Matisse, Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein and Francis Bacon from the collection of the Johannesburg Art Gallery

Debrecen’s MODEM Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre will present masterpieces from the Johannesburg Art Gallery between 19 June and 23 September 2018. The South African gallery was opened to the public in 1910, and boasts an unparalleled wealth of treasured artworks.

The exhibition, the material of which has not been seen anywhere in Europe up to now, and which will first be presented in MODEM, Hungary to this extent, holds an array of works from Impressionist efforts to both the foregoing and subsequent trend…

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August 11, 2018. - October 14, 2018.

The Land of Promise – Video art from Israel, about Israel

The title of the exhibition is a biblical term, which has different interpretations in itself. Beyond the mutually exclusive interpretations, the land of promise might refer to the common past, present and future equally.

The State of Israel has its 70th anniversary this year. The anniversary is approached in many ways. Present exhibition intends to show the cultural, social, and political complexity of Israel through the videos of contemporary artists from the co…

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August 17, 2018. - October 28, 2018.

Benczúr Emese – Let it be

With the titular expression configured into a light installation, Benczúr Emese’s exhibition Let it be sets visitors on their way into the artist’s first exhibition in Debrecen, which offers a spectacular selection of her works from the last one and a half decades centering on the ambiguity of the shining, drawing attention on the dynamics among artist, spectator and artwork, as well as on some of the unavoidable phenomena of the social reality defining their status.

The Munkácsy Mihály Award-winning artist already as a painting major at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts gave up the traditional toolbox of the profession, thus joining those, who – as a consequence of the information boom and for more direct c…

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