February 8, 2017. - May 28, 2017.

Paper Clip II.

This selected exhibition from the Antal-Lusztig Collection has the same concept as the previous one. Each contemporary artist was requested again to select a work of art or let us to compare their works with other parts of the collection.

The principles of the relationship between the resulting pairs are the similar way of thinking and motivic similarity, the direct inspiration, paraphrase and reflection, or curatorial comparisons.
The linking arrangement by paper clips encourages …

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January 22, 2017. - February 19, 2017.

Is it possible to consider a fresco as a contemporary work of art?

An open competition titled “Is it possible to consider a fresco as a contemporary work of art?” was announced in November 2016 to fill the white cube rooms of the MODEM. In the course of the announcement – directly, indirectly or even through the prospective compositions – it was raised the question whether there are any reasons for the existence of the contemporary painting in fresco in the 21st century or not. Furthermore, how it is possible to fill the rooms devoid of narratives by the use of a former technique with loose links between creations and creators. And last but not least we were – and we are still – seeking for the answer if there are any creative and receptive claims to all these things.

Altogether 50 pieces of work were received for this particular announcement from all over the country and even beyond the border.
The jury – Golda János Ybl-awarded architect, Kónya Ábel chief curator of MODEM, and Szurcsik József Munkácsy-awarded…

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December 9, 2016. - February 26, 2017.

Art Deco in the Puszta Sajó István (1896-1961) and his oeuvre

The oeuvre exhibition of Sajó István – who was born in Debrecen and regarded as the reformer of the modern architecture – is open to the public between 9th December 2016 and 26th February 2017 in the MODEM. Curators: Szoboszlai Lilla and Térey János.

The exhibition of Sajó István is to provide a comprehensive view of the architect’s entire oeuvre including his art deco as well as modern and functionalist public or private buildings.
His freehand drawings, drafts and photographs taken at their …

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