February 16, 2019. - May 5, 2019.

Megy, Megáll, Marad / Go, Stop, Stay

To walk through the world in a standing and motionless way on a road with no starting and ending points, and there is no return or any place that could be reached.

The thought of it – apart from its existence – is such a hard fact that precludes all the speculations, yet it remains mysterious. This pursued point is the scene of the invisible wanderings, where it is worth staying and you have to stop.
With t…

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December 9, 2018. - February 24, 2019.

From Experiment to Art: Photographs by Man Ray

The imposing exhibition of the MODEM provides an overview of the photography career of the artist, who reformed the photographic language of the 20thcentury, from his experimental works to surrealistic fashion photos.

Beside Dadaism and avant-garde painting, Man Ray (1890-1976) had studied the experiments and modes of expression of the medium, which were all new in that period, since the early stage of his career. In addition to his rayographs, the composition…

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November 25, 2018. - January 20, 2019.


The MODEM Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre and the Goethe-Institut Ungarn proudly presents an exhibition about monitoring, the fear and effects of being watched called "GLOBAL CONTROL AND CENSORSHIP".

Knowledge is power. And power is possessed above all by whoever controls the flow of information. The digitization of all areas of life and their networking in the infosphere have connected all people to each other all over the world. Billions of…

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November 10, 2018. - January 27, 2019.

Design Resistance – International Artist of Residence in Debrecen 2018

An exhibition based on the concept of the International Artist of Residence in Debrecen 2018. Key word: Design Resistance

At the announcement of the International Artist in Residence of Debrecen 2018 programme, two concepts, which are already complex on their own, were forced into a non-existent compound. We intend to make these concepts affect each other with more …

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August 17, 2018. - October 28, 2018.

Benczúr Emese – Let it be

With the titular expression configured into a light installation, Benczúr Emese’s exhibition Let it be sets visitors on their way into the artist’s first exhibition in Debrecen, which offers a spectacular selection of her works from the last one and a half decades centering on the ambiguity of the shining, drawing attention on the dynamics among artist, spectator and artwork, as well as on some of the unavoidable phenomena of the social reality defining their status.

The Munkácsy Mihály Award-winning artist already as a painting major at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts gave up the traditional toolbox of the profession, thus joining those, who – as a consequence of the information boom and for more direct c…

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August 11, 2018. - October 14, 2018.

The Land of Promise – Video art from Israel, about Israel

The title of the exhibition is a biblical term, which has different interpretations in itself. Beyond the mutually exclusive interpretations, the land of promise might refer to the common past, present and future equally.

The State of Israel has its 70th anniversary this year. The anniversary is approached in many ways. Present exhibition intends to show the cultural, social, and political complexity of Israel through the videos of contemporary artists from the co…

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