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PRIVATE guiding tour in english

Free guiding tour in english through Helmut Newton’s PRIVATE exhibition on the opening day of the Border Crossing  project About the exhibition: Helmut Newton (1920–2004) never ceased to both astound and polarize. Early in his career, he succeeded in finding […]

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Border Crossing exhibition

By opening her borders, Hungary took the first steps to make way for the reunification of Germany as well as the establishment of a united and free Europe. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Pan-European Picnic and […]

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Interview with Dr. Matthias Harder, the director of Helmut Newton Foundation

When you came to know the art of Helmut Newton, what was the first thing you found the most fascinating about it? Still at school, Helmut Newton was the first photographer I was really attracted by. Especially his nudes or […]

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  • November 8, 2019. - 13:00

    Border Crossing exhibition

    For the Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

  • September 7, 2019. - 18:00

    VIII. Noise Garden

    On seventh day of the ninth month comes, comes, comes up the VIII Noise Garden, which states and rebuts everything in width and length

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Helmut Newton ‘s Private Property has been opened

2019. October 30. | MODEM

Last saturday the exhibition of Helmut Newton, the prodigy of fashion photography has been opened with curatorial guided tours, acoustic concert and numerous visitors.  Helmut Newton (1920–2004) ne...

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2019. September 11. | Rita Almeida

  What may have seemed from the outside as a laid-back moment between friends using fun and creative props while sharing music and experimenting different sounds, was, in reality, another edit...

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Peter Bankov about russian poster design

2019. July 16. | MODEM

1. Design is… …it’s impossible to answer this question. It’s a story about happiness and disenchantment. 2. The Russian design? Three important names, three merits, three faults – yesterday, ...

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