16.00 Thursday, 24 September 2015. English-language guided tour of the exhibition Replanning. A selection from the Antal-Lusztig Collection. Entrance with the usual ticket for the exhibition.

Replanning. A selection from the Antal-Lusztig Collection

As its title suggests, the first large-scale exhibition occupying all three floors of the restructured MODEM – Déri Museum exhibition venue, attempts to present a selection from the largest Hungarian private collection from a new perspective.

The exhibition starts with a portrait gallery, which reminds visitors of onetime aristocrats’ galleries of ancestors. The portraits include those of famous poets, artists, scientists, known or unknown friends and relatives as well as pictures of everyday people. The works date from the period between the mid-19th century and the present. In contemporary art, the full or partial depiction of the human face has taken a new approach. Today’s artists are distanced from this originally representative genre both in their methods and concepts.  The works displayed on the second floor can be classified into three themes. In the sections Traditions, In Space and In Time, the works – primarily classics of modernism – are centred around the associations related to these themes. Whereas the selection on the ground floor is based on a genre, the portrait, and the sections on the second floor are arranged thematically, the unifying element on the third floor is the lack of representation. The break with figurative art is exemplified by the works of distinguished Hungarian and foreign artists.

Apart from featuring traditional genres of fine art (paintings, drawings and sculptures), the approximately 500-piece exhibition is made even more colourful by installations and videos. The display of folk art objects throw further light on the richness of visual culture and the act of collecting. There is a separate education section for children to help them get familiar with the works and interpret them.