Lines and Surfaces - Oeuvre of István Polónyi
Stefan Polónyi counts among the most outstanding civil engineers of Germany. Over more than sixty years of his active career, he has worked together with numerous prominent German and international architects on the most diverse projects. Our exhibition does not wish to offer a comprehensive retrospective of a civil engineer’s oeuvre, which is anyway still far from being completed. Rather it takes the outstanding work of Stefan Polónyi as an opportunity to convey some principles of construction to a broad public. Each structural principle is illustrated by an interactive model explaining the mechanisms of tensile and compressive forces, and of supports and loads. The concise selection shows how Polónyi as a civil engineer made use of the construction principles in the case of each load-bearing structural solution.
Location: MODEM, 3rd floor
16 June – 24 July, 2016

GEM / GAMEclip
Works from the Antal-Lusztig collection with parallels and reflections from art, literature and music. This exhibition is different from the previous ones, since it showcases not merely well-known or yet unseen works from the collection, but number of “guest works” as well. The “guests” are work of artists, poets and musicians, which are connected to certain pieces of the collection by different aspects. The primary goal of the exhibition is to cut temporal passageways between the artistic declarations of past and present, to explore and showcase the related features and analogies between genres and eras. Curator: Katalin T. Nagy

Location: MODEM, ground floor
5 June – 31 December, 2016