Horizons-Perspectives of Artist in Residencies
Regional Meeting & International Conference on Artists in Residency

MODEM hosted the 10th regional meeting and conference of Res Artis, the worldwide network of residential arts centres in Debrecen between the 23rd and 26th of May 2011. Representatives of residency centres, artistic institutions, artists and professionals from the art world were present during the four days conference. The speakers and participants arrived from all over the world, from Europe as well as from overseas, from 22 countries (AT, AU, BE, BG, CH, CS, CZ, DE, EE, ES, FI, FR, HU, IL, NL, NO, PL, RO, RU, SE,  SK, UK).

Res Artis

Res Artis is The International Association of Residential Arts Centres, a foundation based in the Netherlands. Its membership is made up of art centres and artist's organisations that encourage the cultural exchange, the mobility of artists and cultural professionals and by that the development of contemporary art and artists through residential artist exchange programs.
Res Artis began in 1993 as a volunteer organisation to represent and support the needs of residential art centres and programs internationally through dynamic exchanges and face-to-face meetings. Within a decade it has grown to provide a world-wide critical forum for residency programs, convening meetings and conferences internationally where the exchange of ideas and creative models test cultural assumptions and broaden the world-view of its participants. Globally, it is the largest existing network of artist residency programs with over 300 members drawn from more than 40 countries and all continents. Its membership operates artist exchange programs in a diverse number of international and regional communities that range from formal, well-funded government organisations via enthusiastic private engagements to grassroots artists run initiatives.


The main theme of the conference gathered around the “Horizon”. In the great plains the true horizon is not obscured by anything, you have nothing to lean your eyes on, like in Hortobágy, the national park, one of the world heritages, not far from Debrecen. Artists in residence change their horizon by moving to another country. They widen their horizon by encountering other people. This is a major step in discovering their own identity. In mirroring others, they realise what is characteristic for themselves and what makes them differ from the others. Artists in residence encounter the unknown in others and within themselves. They discover the apparent line in the external and in their internal landscape.

Topics of workshops and panel discussions

-Res Support workshop
-Different models of AiR
-Across the border - a geographical comparison
-Visual arts vs. other disciplines
-Presentation on Russian network
-Presentation of The Transitory Network Public Forum
-Mobility and their restraints
-Expectations from artists’ point of view
-International and EU institutions: Introduction, working structures

Significance of the conference

-Connect organizations of different levels of institutionalization
-Provide learning opportunities and developing international exchange
-Present different models and conditions for residencies: production residencies, interdisciplinary artistic practices and collaborative approaches

-Help artists to learn more about the artist in residency programme

-Help Res Artis to have themselves introduced in the Eastern European region

Contact information

Eszter Kovesi: kovesi.eszter@modemart.hu

Res Artis
Mark Vennegoor: office@resartis.org